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Welcome Steven Smith

NZ/AU Marketing & Ecommerce Co-Ordinator

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Hire Announcement– New Zealand and Australia Marketing & Ecommerce Coordinator


As Compendium Group continues to expand in both in Australia and New Zealand, we are happy to introduce a vital coordination role overseeing Hydro Flask, Cotopaxi, Rumpl, OOFOS, and Nocs.

We are excited to welcome Steven Smith to our team as our Marketing and Ecommerce
Coordinator for New Zealand and Australia. Steven brings his extensive experience and expertise across various aspects of media and design, with a Bachelor's in Media Design majoring in Graphic Design. He has honed his skills in brand design, UX and UI design, print and publication design and project management.

Steven has a passion for design, nature, sustainability and travelling, which perfectly aligns with Compendium's core values and the brands we represent. Steven believes that a positive, stress-free environment, where everyone supports each other and enjoys a great work culture, can help us achieve more.

Outside of work, Steven keeps things healthy by working out, playing disc golf with friends, and whipping up new and tasty dishes. He also enjoys playing board games and video games in his free time. Steven appreciates the office’s easygoing yet professional vibe and loves participating in team activities that bring everyone together.

We are stoked to welcome you, Steven, and look forward to seeing how you bring additional awareness and love to our brands.

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