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Welcome Lucia Luggen

NZ/AU Trade, Community, and Content Coordinator

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Hire Announcement– New Zealand and Australia Trade,
Community, and Content Coordinator


As Compendium Group continues to expand in both Australia and New Zealand, we are thrilled to fill a crucial coordinating position across Hydro Flask, Cotopaxi, Rumpl, OOFOS and Nocs.

We are excited to welcome Lucia Luggen to our team as the Trade, Community, and Content Coordinator for New Zealand and Australia. Lucia brings her experience and expertise across digital media, communications, and marketing, having graduated with a Bachelor’s of Communication Studies majoring in Digital Media. She has honed her skills in communications roles, as well as through numerous freelancing projects involving social media, product photography, video editing, community engagement, and graphic design.

Lucia's passion for digital media, travel, and the outdoors make her a perfect addition to the team! Lucia even completed some amazing travel with her Cotopaxi Allpa 35L and Hydro Flask in tow, along with traveling the world, Lucia also enjoys trying new food spots, skiing, and painting.

Lucia hit the ground running & was part of the superstar team that attended the Rotorua Marathon & executed a successful OOFOS Recovery activation! Back in the office she has also enjoyed the bi-weekly yoga sessions and Thursday run clubs, finding them a wonderful way to end the workday and socialise with colleagues.

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome you Lucia & look forward to seeing how you bring additional awareness and love to our brands.


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